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Women's Trauma 

A participant attends the Women’s Trauma program at The Hollywood Clinic

Type Day patient program

1 day a week for 12 weeks 

Who is it for

The Women's Trauma Program is designed specifically for women with a history of early developmental trauma. It draws on the therapeutic frameworks of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to address symptoms and impacts of early developmental trauma and is recommended for women who:

  • Want treatment and support to address their traumas
  • Are assessed as having the necessary distress tolerance skills to support trauma treatment
  • Are linked in with and will be receiving ongoing support from an external therapist for the duration of the program
About the program

The Women's Trauma Program aims to support participants to:

  • Gain awareness and understanding of how they have been impacted by traumatic events
  • Gain tools and skills to be able to reduce post traumatic stress disorder symptoms and associated impacts
  • Develop skills and tools to be able to maintain healthy relationships
  • Reclaim their sense of identity and ability to live in accordance with their values
  • Reduce unhelpful behaviours and to adopt more helpful means of coping
  • Develop self-efficacy and a sense of personal empowerment
  • Develop skills and tools to manage distress
  • Develop a support network to assist with ongoing trauma recovery

The core components of the program are:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Trauma (Narrative Exposure Therapy)
  • Valued living
  • Schema
  • Distress tolerance
  • Sleep
Additional information You will require private health insurance or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) entitlements or agree to self-fund this course.
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