The Hollywood Clinic
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Therapies Overview

Participants at the Hollywood Clinic can be treated with a range of evidence based therapies

The team at The Hollywood Clinic uses evidence-based therapies as the basis for psychological treatment. Brief, structured, focused treatments are used to assist patients with the 'here and now' problems that have led to their admission.

The overall goal of the therapies we provide is to increase a patient's understanding of their difficulties and to teach them skills to better manage their distress.

The majority of the psychological treatments offered at The Hollywood Clinic take place within a group therapy program. Group sessions are led by our experienced clinicians who help the group work together in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

The group is able to offer support, give alternatives and provide feedback to each other. In a climate of trust, people can help each other by sharing experiences. During group therapy, people begin to see they are not alone and are often encouraged and reassured to hear other people with similar difficulties.

Our Therapies

At The Hollywood Clinic, we utilise therapies including: