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Mood and Anxiety Management 

Group therapy session for Mood and Anxiety program at The Hollywood Clinic

Type Day patient program 
Frequency/duration Every weekday morning for 10 days (usually starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday).
Who is it for For people diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders such as bipolar disorder, dysthymia, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social and other phobias and self-esteem, anger or guilt problems.
About the program

Mood and anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issues for which people seek treatment. The Mood and Anxiety Management program at The Hollywood Clinic runs each fortnight and uses intensive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Schema Focused Therapy in a small group format providing participants with the best opportunity of recovering from their mood disorder and staying well. 

This program helps patients:

  • Understand their mood and anxiety disorder
  • Identify thinking patterns that underlie and maintain the problem
  • Learn how to challenge and change unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Learn to relax
  • Acquire skills to maintain change

It also covers:

  • Problem solving skills training
  • Assertiveness training
  • Fear exposure strategies
  • Relationship enhancement strategies
Additional information You will require private health insurance or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) entitlements or agree to self-fund this course.
Enquiries If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please call 9346 6803 during business hours or email

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Mood and Anxiety Management