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Seniors Program

Later life is a time of contentment and contemplation for most people.

However it can also be a time of loss, including the death of loved ones, a decline in physical health and loss of independence. These losses can be difficult to adjust to and may also reawaken earlier losses that have never been properly resolved.

The Seniors Program at The Hollywood Clinic aims to assist older people to live contented and fulfilled lives. The program focuses on assisting people to adjust to loss and change, manage depression and anxiety, improve sleep and socialise.

The Seniors Program is a day program which runs from Tuesday to Friday between 10.00am - 2.30pm.

The program has been designed to meet different patient needs on different days.

Group topics include:

  • Anxiety management;
  • Reminiscence;
  • Depression management;
  • Improving communication;
  • Exercise;
  • Cognitive stimulation;
  • Leisure activities;
  • Lifestyle education;
  • Relaxation.

Each patient is assigned a key worker who monitors the patient’s progress and liaises with other health professionals as needed.

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Seniors Program