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Schema Therapy Program

The Hollywood Clinic's Schema Therapy Program has been designed to assist the typical challenges endured by patients with long term difficulties caused by unhelpful patterns of thought, feelings and behaviour. These patients usually contend with symptoms such as extreme emotional and interpersonal sensitivity, fears of abandonment, rapid mood changes, self-destructive and self-harming behaviours, and problems with their sense of who they are. They often experience their lives and relationships as chaotic.

The program is based on a Schema Therapy Group Program that has recently been developed by experts in that area. Schema therapy is an integrative approach which incorporates principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy, interpersonal, dynamic and experiential approaches. It focuses on deeper personality change, rather than rapid symptom relief. In intensive weekly sessions over a period of time determined by the patient's progress, participants are assisted to identify and address the long term patterns that are at the core of their difficulties.

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THC Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy Program