The Hollywood Clinic
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Day Patient Services

The objective of day programs is to deliver group therapy that provides patients with the skills and support to help improve the quality and enjoyment of life and break the cycle of relapse, and therefore the need for hospitalisation. The individual programs are designed to promote the use of effective coping strategies and a return to normal functioning.

Before commencing a day program you will need a referral from your GP or psychiatrist. All patients attending a day program at The Hollywood Clinic must be under the care of a private psychiatrist. The psychiatrist needs to be accredited with The Hollywood Clinic. Many patients also benefit from working with a psychologist or other health professional as part of their treating team to provide ongoing support.

The day programs are provided by an experienced team of health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, art therapist, occupational therapists, social workers and specialist nurse therapists. In most cases the costs are covered by private health insurance. If you do not have private health cover, please phone The Hollywood Clinic for the cost of attending the program as a self funded patient.

THC Day Patient